• Top 4 Characteristics In A Great Lumber Yard When Buying Deck Lumber

    [Posted on January 13th, 2015 by Aaron Presley]

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    Having the right quantity and amount of deck lumber ensures that you will be able to finish your project with the fewest hassles. Yet visiting a lumber yard can be a hassle as you may not know about the type of lumber you need or where it might be located. At Bayou City Lumber, our helpful staff can assist you in locating the right lumber at our 8.5 acre stock yard. You will know you are working with a reliable company when finding these top 4 characteristics at our yard.

    1. Organized Lumber Yard

    Nothing is worse than stepping onto a lumber yard and seeing beams stacked haphazardly or jutting out at weird angles. A great lumber yard like Bayou City Lumber has all of their lumber products stacked in organized piles that allow you to see the materials that you are buying without worrying about accidentally stepping on timbers or beams to reach the lumber.

    2. Knowledgeable Staff

    Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable regarding all the lumber products stocked at our yard. Whether you are looking for Fiberon decking or fire resistant lumber, we can assist you in locating it on our yard in the quantity you are looking for to complete your project. So you don’t have to spend hours wandering around the stock yard. If you need beams that are hard to find, let us help you locate the deck lumber that fits your specifications.

    3. Safety Comes First

    Our experienced staff ensures that our stacked materials will not pose any type of safety hazard to our customers. You don’t have to worry about a stack of lumber swaying shakily over your head. We take extra care when stacking and organizing our lumber supply so no accidents happen on our 8.5 acres.

    4. Fast Loading

    Once you make a purchase, you don’t want to spend extra time waiting for the deck lumber to be loaded up on your truck. We immediately get your materials loaded up and ready for you to leave so you can finish your deck project. We are careful when we load the timber, ensuring that we do not damage your truck. We also offer no-hassle shipping as we send products to local areas and sites across the country.

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