• Treated Pilings are Beneficial for the Construction of Stilt Homes

    [Posted on April 3rd, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    There are many benefits to building a stilt home in coastal areas. Treated pilings can be used to ensure the home has structural integrity for many years. Regardless of where the home is located, the pilings can provide sufficient foundation so that the home can be seated atop without any problems.

    Building stilt homes throughout the United States has become very popular. There are various materials used in order to create the home in its entirety. This includes vinyl bulkhead material for the production of a sea wall.

    Various coastal problems can be had and this is why people choose a stilt home. Flooding can be eliminated by placing the home higher. The treated pilings are intended to maintain the structure, even when there is a significant amount of standing water.

    Traditional piling can warp and rot. However, treated pilings are designed to deal with ongoing water issues as well as more pressure. This helps to keep the structure strong for years to come.

    In addition to flooding, there can be issues with wildlife, including various types of reptiles, as well as too much moisture. As soon as the house is placed higher than these elements, the homeowner can enjoy themselves once again.

    If you are building a stilt home in a coastal area, you have to consider what materials they are going to use so that you obtain all of the benefits. Understanding the environment in which you are building is critical. Any time there is significant amounts of moisture, wood has to be treated. If you don’t use treated wood, it is going to expand and contract each time it is becomes wet and then dries. This can lead to significant amounts of cracking until ultimately the pilings snap and the house comes falling down.

    While most construction crews will use treated pilings, it may not always be a consideration if you are trying to do the building on your own or you are using a team that is not familiar with coastal problems or stilt homes. The more you know about the potential problems, the more information you can obtain in order to avoid them.

    The last thing you want to do is build a home that is not safe for you and your family. It makes sense to build up when you decide to live on the coast. If you look at the pilings, they are going to go through a lot. That would be your home if you hadn’t decided to build upwards – and that could be catastrophic for the condition of your home.

    Since the pilings are going to go through so much, day in and day out, the use of treated pilings becomes even more important. Looking at the level in which pilings have been treated ensure you can maximize on all of the benefits.

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