• Top Uses for Pressure Treated Lumber this Spring

    [Posted on May 23rd, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

    Home owners who are carpenters or who have developed expertise in carpentry through DIY projects may capable of building a deck, but not all outdoor construction needs to be that large. There are many other projects that are smaller but just as enjoyable that can bring a decorative touch to a yard or garden. Using pressure treated wood is the key to making whatever you build last, preserving the investment and ensuring a longer life for outdoor construction projects.

    Here are some DIY construction projects that can offer something to the whole family. Using pressure treated wood will ensure these structures last for years to come.

    Raised Garden Bed

    Much of the work involved in planting a garden is difficult and can be back breaking; many home owners prefer to buy vegetables at a roadside stand. A raised garden bed makes everything easier, and spring is the perfect time to set out tomato, squash, and cucumber plants for summer salads. No spading is required, and fresh bags of soil and compost assure the production of bountiful crops. Wood that is treated with ACQ is considered safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use with gardens that produce food.

    Window Box Planter

    Colorful flowers add beauty to a home from the inside as well as the outside. Placed below a kitchen window, a window box planter is visible while the family has breakfast or washes the dishes. Another option is to grow herbs and spices in planters near the kitchen to make your cooking taste fresh and homey. Designs include some that can hold either plant containers or composted soil, and the raised elevation allows the plants to be out of the shadows and soak up the sun. A simple project to complete, a window box takes about an hour each for cutting pieces, assembling them, and applying a decorative finish.

    Potting Bench

    As an aid to preparing plants to put in a raised bed or in a window box, a potting bench provides a comfortable place to work. Providing adequate countertop space is essential for the successful use of a potting bench, and it needs a pegboard to hold the tools for transplanting. Not a project for the inexperienced do-it-yourself home owner, it takes the better part of two or three days to complete.

    Bird Feeder

    The abundance of young birds that appears in the spring gives home owners a way to see them up close when they come to a feeder. They need a place to land as well as a place to sit while they eat. A dowel can serve both functions, and several of them provide room for more than one bird to eat at one time. Screening and drainage holes are necessary to prevent food from getting wet and rotting. A nice project that takes about five hours, a bird feeder brings charm to a back yard or garden.


    A little more ambitious a project than the small woodworking creations, an arbor can add style and elegance to a yard. As an entry to the outdoors or as a decorative structure alongside a path in the garden, an arbor is a classic addition. Latticework provides a perfect place for tea roses or other climbing plants to attach themselves for support.

    A nice addition to an arbor is a planter bench that can hold a colorful blooming plant and provide a comfortable seat. Both projects may take a day to complete, and the assistance of a neighbor is helpful in moving heavy objects.

    DIY projects with pressure treated lumber are economical, long lasting, and fun to build.

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