• Using Treated Pilings in Your Next Project

    [Posted on November 21st, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

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    Treated Pilings serve as a fantastic solution in project engineering. Whether used as a bulkhead material for major construction or as a base for housing in waterfront properties, marinas, and piers, this material has been used for decades. We provide a product known for its strength and durability under pressure. Treated piles are made of natural elements and pre-fabricated materials that are designed to withstand harsh conditions and guarantee the life of a project.


    Treated Pilings are chosen above other materials for their ability to maintain form and function under many soil conditions. Using simple tinder or other unprepared materials will lead to faster decomposition by the elements and erosion of the entire structure into soft soil. Treated materials are prepared to resist the moisture and corrosive air quality present in seaside climates.


    On of the most common uses for piling is for the construction of ocean and lakeside piers. Rotting would quickly happen with untreated timber and many other materials. A rotten foundation will ultimately become a failing building, pier, or other seaside construction. This style of material is also constructed so that it can withstand extreme weight when used in sequence with many pilings. This is also one of the main reasons that beachside housing and buildings primarily use pilings as a foundational material.

    The other main reason to use this material is to prevent housing from shifting in a heavily waterlogged climate. Overly wet and soft soil have a tendency to shift and erode. Construction projects that use improper foundational pilings will shift with the land when rain season arrive. When this happens, houses that shift will lead to cracked foundations, splitting ceilings, misaligned doorframes, crooked walls, crumbling exteriors, and ultimately unlivable and unusable buildings that will quickly be condemned and demolished.


    Those who have seen the devastation brought on by flooding in coastal regions will easily understand the reasoning behind preventative construction. Entire towns and counties along the gulf coast have been lost because large scale development projects have failed to used proper pilings and other safe building standards. Builders looking to add greatly to the value proposition of housing and commercial projects should absolutely invest in treated pilings. Knowing that their purchase will be protected and insured by the benefits of proper oceanfront construction will attract and appeal to potential investors.


    Bayou City Lumber is a leading supplier of professional grade lumber, including treated pilings. We have been in the Houston area since 1994 and our lumber company adheres to the highest standards of quality, service, and ecosystem conservation. Our multi-use poles and pilings are quality timber treated to withstand the elements. We offer a variety of sizes at competitive prices in small and large group orders.

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