• Vinyl Bulkhead Material Is The Solution For Erosion Problems

    [Posted on Jan 11]

    In Houston and the surrounding area erosion is a considerable problem. With so many lakes, bayous, ponds, and creeks in the area, keeping the shoreline stable is a serious challenge. If you have a problem with erosion control, then you need to consider vinyl bulkhead material. At Bayou City Lumber, we have just the right material for the job at hand. We sell ShoreGuard, which revolutionized the industry 25 years ago. It is guaranteed for 50 years! It is also UV resistant, and invulnerable to marine worm damage. It is the solution for erosion control.

    If you aren’t as concerned about erosion so much as the typical exposure to the elements, then you should consider treated lumber as a viable solution. It is tough, lightweight, and easy to work with. It provides the extra protection that untreated lumber does not offer. If your lumber is in contact with the ground, dampness, or humidity for an extended period of time it is susceptible to decay and insect attack.

    If you are interested in a vinyl bulkhead material please call us or come by and visit our facility. We invite you to tour our web site at bayoucitylumber.com to see the many types of building materials we have in stock. We offer great service and high quality materials at reasonable prices and are anxious to help get your project under way.

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