• What to Look for in Ranch Fencing

    [Posted on Jan 20]
    Written by: Aaron Presley

    Ranch fencing is commonly installed on both smaller and larger ranch properties to serve a number of purposes. The most common purpose is to provide livestock and other ranch animals with a confined area to roam around in, but it may also commonly be used to keep other predatory animals, property-destroying animals and human intruders off of the property. When looking for ranch fencing for your property, a number of factors must be considered before you can make the best decision. For example, everything from the cost and maintenance to the overall functionality of the material should be reviewed.

    Installation Cost

    The most common types Ranch Fencing utilized today are wood rail fences, pipe fences, vinyl or PVC fences, mesh fences and electric fences. Perhaps the most affordable option to install is a wood rail fence. These fences may be ideal for keeping larger farm animals contained on the property, but other options must be considered to keep some predators off the property. Wire mesh may be placed over the wood rails for this purpose, but this will increase the cost. Pipe and vinyl fencing offer similar benefits as wood fencing, but they are more expensive to install. The most expensive option is usually a hot wire or electric fence, which may be used to keep penned-in animals inside the fence and predators off the property.

    Upkeep and Maintenance

    Vinyl and pipe fencing offer the longest durability and least amount of upkeep in most cases. These materials are weather-resistant, and most are strong enough to withstand kicking and other force that animals may inflict on it. Wood rail fences may require the most upkeep, as they may need to be stained to prevent weather-related damage. They may also damage easily from pests as well as from livestock. An electric fence is typically metal, so it may not have significant maintenance requirements. The length of your fencing should be considered when you review upkeep and maintenance requirements.

    The Function

    When selecting the right ranch fencing to use, cost and upkeep are important. However, the functionality of the fencing material is also vital. If your main concern involves keeping your animals inside the fence and protecting them from predators, a hot wire fence or a barbed wire fence may be ideal. If you simply want to define the boundary lines of your property or keep larger and less aggressive animals on your property, a wood rail fence may be suitable. Wood, vinyl and pipe fencing can all be combined with wire mesh to enhance the security of the property.

    Making Your Decision

    As you can see, there are several factors that must be considered before you decide which type of fencing to use. For some ranchers, the ideal type of fencing to use may be obvious, but other ranchers may still be undecided. It may be best to narrow down your top two choices based on the function and upkeep required. Then, request an installation cost estimate on both, and allow this to serve as your final deciding factor.

    Ranch fencing can add aesthetic appeal to your property, but more importantly, a ranch fence generally will be relied on heavily for certain functional purposes. It is important to consider each of these factors thoroughly before you make your final decision about which type of ranch fence you want to install on your property.

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